Why was the MTL Specialist training course created?

To give Tourisme Montréal members tools to sell the “new” Montréal (post-375th anniversary) by completing specialized online training. 

Who is this program for?

The program is offered exclusively to Tourisme Montréal member companies. Individuals eligible to participate in the training program include sales managers, marketing managers, hotel concierges, as well as information agents. Tourisme Montréal approves registrations based on candidate profiles. Note that a limit of 5 employees per company must be respected.

How long does the course last?

The course is a bit more than 3 hours long. It can be taken in blocks at a time but must be completed within 2 months to fit with everyone's workload.

Why should I become a MTL Specialist?

Not only do you discover so much more about the city, but you can also take advantage of free passes for 2 people at participating venues.

How can I get a MTL Specialist card?

You must complete the online training, then take part in a city tour followed by a cocktail.

How long is my MTL Specialist title valid?

The MTL Specialist title is valid for 2 years once Level 1 of the training has been completed.

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