Our initiatives for the industry

Performance indicators

As an expert on Montréal as a tourist destination and on the major issues facing the city’s economic development, Tourisme Montréal produces numerous research reports and information documents aimed at equipping its partners and other industry players with tools to understand the constant evolution of tourism in Montréal.

In this toolbox, you will find statistics, tourism reports, market and niche analyses, various studies, and annual reports.

Also, please have a look to our strategic orientations.

Destination Promotion

Tourisme Montréal is committed to promoting Montréal to attract the greatest numbers of tourists each year while respecting the local communities. See our different strategies per market. 

Tourist Welcome, Research and Product Development

Tourisme Montréal acts a spokesperson to raise awareness of the economic impact of Montréal’s tourism industry. Using and maintaining the strategic assets of Montréal’s tourism product are the cornerstone of our actions. See our strategies in tourism hospitality, cultural and gourmet tourism, financial aid programs and the media room to learn more.  

Donation policy

Here are the main lines that frame the social commitment of the organization according to its missions and values.