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We are stronger together!

For over a century now, Tourisme Montréal has been promoting Montréal as a tourist destination. Times have changed, but our motivation remains the same: to combine our efforts to maximize economic benefits.

The strength of Tourisme Montréal's network


A key player in Montréal’s economy, Tourisme Montréal is a private, non-profit organization with more than 900 members and partners. Its mission is to promote Montréal as an outstanding tourist destination, thus generating economic benefits for its members and the Montréal community at large.

" Montréal is a world-class tourism destination that tourists love for its creative energy and warm welcome as well as its dynamic cultural, sports and culinary scenes. "

Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal

Enjoy the many benefits of being part of our network

Connect with a variety of clienteles by joining Tourisme Montréal's network: tourists, event organizers, convention delegates, travel agents, journalists, tour operators, and other stakeholders in the Montréal tourism industry.



  • Listings on the Tourisme Montréal website (tourist, business and industry sections)
  • Mentions in editorial content, in articles and blog posts (tourist and business) and on social media (consumer, business and corporate).
  • Mentions in newsletters targeting consumers, the media and the tourism industry.
  • Inclusion in press tours, in suggested itineraries for travel agencies and familiarization tours to promote Montréal.
  • Referrals to conference organizers, travel specialists, journalists and tourists visiting Montréal.
  • Presentation of your business to agents at the Old Montréal Tourist
  • Welcome  Office and access to preferential rates on the rental of display space.
  • Join the Network SIT Québec**


  • Products developed to maximize your visibility (Deals section of the Tourisme Montréal website featuring promotions, packages and member experiences, Passeport MTL and MTLàTABLE)
  • An exclusive online space for members, Espace membres, bringing together strategic content for business development
  • A discussion forum (Facebook Group) where you can connect with industry peers for informal conversations
  • Training and workshops to improve your professional skills (social media, product development, hospitality strategy, distribution network, etc.)
  • MTL Specialist Certification Program
  • Networking events (virtual and in-person)
  • Advisory services (sustainable tourism, cultural tourism, aid programs, etc.)

*Benefits and pricing may vary depending on your business category

**What are the advantages of joining the Réseau SIT Québec ?

  • Participate and collaborate with over 20,000 other tourism stakeholders to consolidate industry data;
  • Update information from a single source at your convenience, and make this quality data accessible and consistent;
  • Be able to make promotional content available to tourism partners participating in the network, such as regional/sectoral tourism associations and tourist offices;
  • Be present on Tourisme Montréal ( and possibly other network-supported sites, such as Bonjour Québec (, as well as in promotional tools (newsletters, tourist guide, online events calendar, editorial content published on blogs or social networks, etc.).

Meet the team


You can get in touch with us 5 days a week to find out how we can find the best solutions for your company. infomembership@mtl.orgWrite to us!   

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