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Our network is our strength: together we go further!

Tourisme Montréal was created in 1919. That means we offer our clients a century of expertise in developing and diversifying Montréal’s tourism offer. Today, our organization counts 900 members who are committed to working together to promote Montréal among tourists, travel professionals, journalists, meeting and convention planners and tour operators. By pooling our strengths and resources, Tourisme Montréal not only maximizes economic spin-offs, but presents a consistent, coherent and warm welcome to our visitors. Whether it’s through the signature Montréal visuals people see upon their arrival, the friendly welcome at the tourist information centres or through our tailor-made tourism material (apps, maps and guides), we ensure Montréal’s unique personality shines through.



Tourisme Montréal, a unifying force within the tourism ecosystem that boasts over 900 members, is committed to promoting Montréal as a destination that offers visitors unique and authentic experiences, in order to maximize economic spin-offs.


  1. Influencer: helps shape major cross-cutting projects that impact Montréal’s economic, urban and cultural development.
  2. Catalyst: develops both products and experiences, whether as an initiator, co-developer and/or investor.
  3. Curator: acts as brand guardian, in promotional strategies and when sharing images, messages and content on the city.
  4. Facilitator: develops tools, platforms and business intelligence to equip tourism industry stakeholders with the services and products they need.

"Tourism is one of the major industries that continues to grow in Montréal. I urge you to partner with Tourisme Montréal so that we can make the city one of the world’s leading tourist destinations."

Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal

Experience the benefits of our network

Reach different customer bases by joining the Tourisme Montréal network, which includes: tourists, meeting planners, delegates, tour operators, travel agents, journalists, local tourism industry stakeholders, etc.


  • Listing on the Tourisme Montréal's website
  • Listing in the Official Montréal Tourist Guide
  • Access to the "Espace membre" portal (convention listing, member directory, cruise calendar, etc.)
  • Training sessions (chinese market, social media, marketing, etc.)
  • Certifications (Bonjour Chine and Specialist MTL)
  • Networking events
  • Advisory services (cultural tourism, Chinese market, welcome strategies, etc.)
  • Chance to participate in special offers (MTL Sweet deal, Passeport MTL, etc.)

* The benefits and pricing might change according your company’s category

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