Leisure Travellers

Advertising campaigns

Throughout the year, Tourisme Montréal runs advertising campaigns in priority markets to promote Montréal and motivate travellers to consider the city as their next destination. The media strategy is made up of three elements — a “awareness” component, a “consideration” component, which promotes What to do in Montréal content, and a “conversion” component, that invites future visitors to plan their visit using our platforms.

Digital plateforms

For dining suggestions, day trips or extended visits, the mtl.org web site and the Official Montréal City Guide offer tourists excellent tools for planning their stay in Montréal. They allow users to create profiles, receive tailor-made suggestions, personalize itineraries, share their favourites and more.

Social medias

At Tourisme Montréal, social media is one of the many ways we keep visitors in the loop on what to do and what’s new, answer their questions and promote Montréal. Our content is designed to inspire people who are thinking of coming here and visitors already in the city.  

MTL Sweet Deal and offers

Our MTL Sweet Deal is part of Tourisme Montréal’s campaign strategies, which is to encourage potential visitors to book their stay in Montréal. Targeting the markets of Intra-Québec, Ontario, the United States and France, the campaign works to increase room nights in hotels or visits to other participating members, such as restaurants, boutiques, attractions and activity venues. Its goal is to promote the many things to do in Montréal and support leisure campaign which invites visitors to discover Montréal Interested to participate ? Contact-us infomembership@mtl.org.

Feature your offers on the Tourisme Montréal website !

Tourisme Montréal a activé une nouvelle stratégie d'offres permettant d'accroître le revenu touristique de la destination afin de vous intégrer davantage sur nos plateformes numériques.

Soumettre une offre

Passeport MTL

This handy and affordable city pass gives visitors the chance to discover the must-see Montréal attractions Members can participate by offering a discount on their products or services. Contact-us infomembership@mtl.org.

Brochures, display stands and advertising


From cruise passengers to school groups to luxury travellers and more, our downloadable guides cater to a wide range of clients, with suggestions on what to do, where to stay and what to see in Montréal. You can order the Montréal tourist map or the tourist guide, both published by Tourisme Montréal.  


We work hard to make sure your promotional products get the best visibility possible. You can showcase them in Montréal’s Infotouriste centres, at Québec border crossings and the Tourist Welcome Office in Old Montréal. For more information, contact us at presentoirs@mtl.org.

Display stands

Visuals pack a punch and we can help you stand out from everyone else. Advertise your products and your products and services on our different digital platforms or in the printed version of the Official Montréal Tourist Guide and map. Consult our price list for details.