MTL Specialist Registration

MTL Specialists love Montréal and are always eager to discover the city’s best-kept secrets so that they can sell the city and the product in question. The MTL Specialist training course gives participants tools to convince clients to choose Montréal.  The MTL Specialist works for a Tourisme Montréal member company. Please note that five (5) employees per company can become MTL Specialists.

People who can become MTL Specialists:

The MTL Specialist training program is not intended for professional tour guides.


The training process (mandatory) :


  1. Register for the course. 
  2. Wait for registration confirmation to begin online training (72 hours maximum).   
  3. Complete the 4-hour online training course. The course can be taken in blocks over a maximum 2-month period.   
  4. Once training is complete, sign up for a city tour to receive your MTL Specialist card and enjoy perks offered by Tourisme Montréal members.
  5. Over the course of 2 consecutive years, participants can visit the 12 of the participating attractions that offer MTL Specialists a free pass.