Q: Why was the MTL Specialist training course created?

A: To give Tourisme Montréal members tools to help them promote our beautiful city.


Q: How long does the course last?

A: The course is a bit more than 4 hours long. It can be taken in different blocks of time to fit different workloads, but it must be completed within 2 months.


Q: Why should I become a MTL Specialist?

A: Not only do you learn more about the city, but you can also take advantage of a free pass at participating venues. Some restrictions apply.


Q: How can I get my MTL Specialist card?

A: You must complete the online training, then take part in a city tour.

Q: How many people can take advantage of my MTL Specialist card?

A: The MTL Specialist card gives you a free pass for one (1) person into one (1) attraction, one (1) time only. You must pay for additional tickets.


Q: How long is my MTL Specialist title valid?

A: The MTL Specialist title is valid for 2 years once your card is e-mailed to you.  


Q: How can I use my MTL Specialist card?
A: You will receive an e-mail with a QR code. Simply save it to your phone and show the code to the participating venue so that they can scan it. 


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