Bonjour Chine Application

What company can apply?

''Bonjour Chine'' certification is dedicated to companies members of Tourisme Montreal. The applicable categories for the official certification are:

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping & Retail
  • Attractions and cultural institutions
  • Activities and transport

The certification process (mandatory) :

  1. Checklist: Companies applying to this official certification will have to submit an application by meeting several criteria listed in a "checklist" specific to their sector of activity. Set up by Tourisme Montréal, the checklist identifies the imperatives to be put into action and the additional options that would be good to have for a given establishment.
  2. Validation: For any application received (a form to be completed), Tourisme Montréal will check if the member reaches the criteria to be met, and analyze each file.
  3. Certification: Following the analysis, the member will be advised of its status and should it meet all criteria the company will receive:
  • A letter confirming the official certification
  • An electrostatic "Bonjour Chine" to affix on the window front
  • An electronic version of the "Bonjour Chine" signature logo for the website
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