Make the most of your membership

We value our members and want them to succeed. Our goal is to ensure that your Tourisme Montréal membership gives you the best ROE (return on engagement) by helping your products and services reach the widest audience possible, through a range of different platforms.   

Keep us up to date on new developments with your products and/or services and we’ll share this information with journalists, event organizers, tour operators and travel agencies. When you become a Tourisme Montréal member, you also get access to an array of partnership and business opportunities, training sessions and networking activities. 

Here are a few ideas to help you stay active within Tourisme Montréal:

  • Participate in a Membership360 workshop
  • Take part in Tourisme Montréal training sessions and events
  • Keep Tourisme Montréal up to date on your latest news (newsletter, press releases, etc.)
  • Be active on social media with the hashtag #mtlmoments
  • Reply quickly to business prospects and marketing opportunities sent by Tourisme Montréal
  • Provide passes to welcome journalists and distribution network
  • Benefit from exposure at points of welcome

Information updates 

New developments? Exciting changes? Keep us posted! Tell us about what’s new in your company or with your event or update your contact information. When you keep us in the loop, we can share this information on all our digital platforms and print documents, including Tourisme Montréal’s Official Tourist Guide. Information is key! Don't miss any Tourism Montréal opportunities!

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