Make the most of your membership

Collaboration: the key to our partnership

The spirit of partnership between Tourisme Montréal and each of its members inspires all our actions. More than ever, collaboration and solidarity are the key to making the most of your membership. In the current context, we have modified our usual processes to offer you adapted support.

To help you maximize the benefits of membership, here are a few ideas that will allow you to stay active within Tourisme Montréal’s network. Consult our newsletters (monthly newsletters, special topics and industry news), take part in our discussion groups, sign up for our webinars and virtual events, keep us up to date with your news and start a conversation!

At a time when new media channels are multiplying and things are moving and changing quickly, the more proactive you are, the more you’ll get back from your membership. Take advantage of visibility on our platforms to draw the attention of journalists, event organizers, tour operators and agencies for increased business opportunities.

Where to begin?


We recommend that you refer back to this list regularly to identify priority actions you can take over the coming months:

  • Keep Tourisme Montréal informed about your news (newsletters, press releases, events, promotions, etc.) by communicating regularly with your main account manager.
  • Add the Tourisme Montréal email address to your contacts to be sure that you are receiving all our electronic communications.
  • Participate in our Membership 360 information session to find out where you can get an inside peek at Tourisme Montréal’s activities in different markets.
  • Join the Forum d’échange de Tourisme Montréal on Facebook to ask questions, and to share your experiences and good news with tourism industry peers.
  • Follow our Tourisme Montréal corporate Facebook page and our LinkedIn corporate page for all our latest news and lots of helpful information for our members.
  • Submit and update your latest promotions and offers using these forms for added visibility in the Deals section of the website.
  • Visit and the Metings and Conventions blog to read the latest articles featuring you or your peers, and share them on your digital platforms.
  • Update your company’s information, including upcoming events and current contacts on the Espace membres extranet.
  • Take part in Tourisme Montréal training and events.
  • Stay active on social media platforms and use the #MTLmoments hashtag.
  • Respond quickly to business and marketing opportunities that Tourisme Montréal sends you (Sweet Deal, PasseportMTL, MTLàTABLE).
  • Offer free admission, vouchers, etc. to visiting journalists and representatives of the travel trade sector.

Keeping information up to date

Have there been changes to your business, your event or your contacts? Keep us informed so that our digital platforms and printed welcome tools, like the Tourisme Montréal Official Tourist Guide, are as up to date as possible. Don't miss out on the opportunities available to Tourisme Montréal members!